Outdoor Sign Design, Manufacturing & Installation Company

Your sign is one of the most important investments your business will make. Unlike other forms of advertising, the sign on your building or place of business is a permanent reflection of your business. This is why the SBA recommends good signage for small businesses.

At Iconography, we can design and produce any type of outdoor signage, illuminated or not. This includes channel letters with LED, neon, halo or back-lighting. We also do monument signs, directional and way-finding signs, real estate, political and property management signs, banners and a-frame or sidewalk signs.

Regardless of what type of sign your business requires, we will work with your landlord, property management company and your local municipality to ensure that your sign is designed, built and installed correctly. Our services are all-inclusive of everything that needs to be done to either build a new outdoor sign from scratch, or to refurbish or update an existing sign for your business. Here are the steps you can expect to have your sign built:

1. Site Survey: our knowledgeable staff will meet with you at your proposed signage location to discuss your sign, as well as to take detailed measurements and pictures of the property that may be required at the permitting stage.

2. Building and Sign Code Research: we will carefully research your city’s current sign codes to understand the provisions and any limitations set forth by the municipality.

3. Design: we will design a sign to meet your aesthetic requirements, your city building codes, and your budget! We will provide proofs for your revision and approval throughout the entire process.

4. Permit Processing: once your design proofs have been finalized and approved by you, we will take your sign plans to the city for approval and permitting.

4. Manufacturing: once we receive approval on the permitting from the city, your sign will move to production.

5. Installation: your completed sign will be professionally installed by our team.

Have an outdoor sign project you need completed? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 714-524-5424!