A Lobby Wall Wrap That Reflects Your Business – Woodland Hills, CA

A Lobby Wall Wrap That Reflects Your Business – Woodland Hills, CA

For our friends over at Network Telephone Services, we wanted to give them a design that was truly custom, modern and unique.  They are the leaders in interactive communications.  It is easy to create a custom design, even if you don’t have high resolution pictures readily available in your company’s library. There are many stock photography sites where you can purchase high resolution files that we can use to print your custom wall paper. We recommend buying the largest files available – typically these files exceed 20MB in size. Our design team is available to help guide you through this process and select the images that are the best fit for your project.  With our help our customer was able to pick 4 images that worked perfectly for the wrap.  For the design we used a fading effect for the flow of the pictures.

The wall for this project is curved so the installation was more difficult, but hey we love a challenge here at Iconography!  We have a certified installation team and when you choose to work with us, you are working with the experts!  The installation for a wall wrap is like a puzzle and we start from one side of the wall matching up panels and pieces.  We do this so that you receive a high quality wrap for you high quality design.  The wall mural is absolutely striking and is an amazing eye catching design for your lobby. 

The material that we use for wall wraps is an adhesive-backed vinyl (basically a big sticker), that we laminate after printing to ensure durability of the image. The material is very similar to the material used for vehicle wraps, but it is made for indoor applications. The UV laminate helps protect against fading on walls that may receive sunlight. Most interior wall wraps will long outlast the amount of time that you will want to look at it.

Do you have an idea for a wall wrap?  Give us a call and let’s get started!  562-424-4353  

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