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Vehicle Wrap Services

Iconography, the vehicle wrap experts, have wrapped everything from Smart Cars and Trailers to Airplanes and Ferrari’s, giving each vehicle its own unique calling card. We design and install custom graphics, racing stripes, and decals for any and all vehicles and fleets, as well as install seamless, paint-like matte black and other custom finishes. Whether you are in the market for a full vehicle wrap or an economical partial wrap, the vehicle wrap experts at Iconography are your solution.

Car wrapping has become one of the most popular trends in the car accessory market to date. Companies do it to expand their brand awareness while on the road, service companies see it as a way to stand out from their competition, and consumers are seeking customized fashions to make their vehicles unique. What separates us from our competition is that we do everything from design to production and installation in-house, ensuring you the highest quality vehicle wrap possible. Our award-winning vehicle wrap design team work alongside our production and installation teams to make sure that your vehicle wrap design will fit and look good once it is applied to your car, truck, boat, airplane or other vehicle. 

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Car Wraps, Full Vehicle Wraps, & Partial Vehicle Wraps…3M Endorsed.

We are members of PDAA, and are a Feller’s Certified Wrap shop, and our vehicle wrap installation team are all graduates of the Oracal Professional Wrapping Academy and/or 3M Endorsed vehicle graphics installers. Our clients trust us with their fleets and exotic vehicles. We go beyond the standard in vehicle wrap installations, often disassembling vehicles in order to get a better installation finish than most. You can rest assured we will expertly apply your wrap to your car, truck, boat, or aircraft. 

Car Wraps & Full Vehicle Wraps

A car wrap or a full vehicle wrap covers your entire vehicle from end to end, and may include bumpers, roof, mirrors, and perforated window film on your rear windows. A full vehicle wrap provides the highest impact and most dramatic marketing image. Car wraps are made by printing your image on special high-performance, adhesive-backed vinyl which is then sealed with a protective UV laminate film. This ensures your vehicle wrap will last and protects your investment. Expert installers then apply this vehicle-sized decal to your car, carefully stretching and placing it in all the proper grooves and contours.

Partial Vehicle Wraps & Decals: High Impact Branding on a Budget

An economical option to the full vehicle wrap is a partial vehicle wrap. A partial wrap integrates the color of the vehicle into the design of the wrap.  With a partial vehicle wrap, anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle is wrapped, with spot graphics or decals strategically placed to finalize your marketing message and the design. A properly designed and installed partial vehicle wrap can be just as impactful and effective as a full vehicle wrap, at a fraction of the cost.

Just like full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps are made by printing your image on special high-performance, adhesive-backed vinyl which is then sealed with a protective UV laminate film. This ensures your vehicle wrap will last and protects your investment.  Window lettering and logos from cut vinyl may also be added to your partial wrap. Expert installers then apply the material to your car, carefully stretching and placing it in all the proper grooves and contours.

See more of our partial wrap projects here.


We offer the industry’s leading vehicle wrap materials –  top quality 3M and Oracal print media, vinyl and laminates, and top-of-the line printing on our 6-color Roland XR640 SolJet Pro Printers.

Matte & Custom Vinyl Vehicle Wraps, eye-catching protection for your vehicle.

Car graphics and vehicle wraps are not just for advertising. Many of our customers chose to add custom graphics or wraps to their vehicles to make them truly unique. From all types of art graphics to full vehicle wraps in matte black, matte white or the custom matte color of your choice, Iconography Studios has the solution to personalize your ride. 

For matte black or other matte finishes, we use both OEM cast vinyl as well as custom printed matte finishes to provide a textured effect, such as carbon fiber.   We are one of the few wrap companies in the US able to offer seamless matte wrap finishes on almost any car, including exotics. Our installation process sometimes takes a bit longer than other shops. This is because we often disassemble vehicles during the installation process in order to get a flawless, smooth finish. 

Some of the benefits of choosing a matte vinyl vehicle wrap over paint are:

  • Vinyl car wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removeable. Don’t devalue your investment with an aftermarket paint job!
  • Cost for a vinyl vehicle wrap is considerably less than a comparable matte finish paint job
  • Vinyl car wraps wear as well as, or better than paint – when properly cared for
  • Vinyl car wraps come in any color, even custom, and can have a matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish