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Our Work

Glass Sign Display with Stand-Offs, Los Alamitos, CA

Stand-off mounting hardware adds dimension to any sign or wall display, like this lobby sign for Command Air located in Los Alamitos, CA Lobby signs like this one are easily constructed using a 1/4′ thick piece of glass for the sign face. The glass is then covered with an etched vinyl film which gives it the frosted appearance. The company name and logo are added on top of the glass with a digital print onto adhesive-backed vinyl material. Other options to add dimension and design elements to your lobby sign include using router-cut dimensional letters in either foam or acrylic. These dimensional letters can be added in conjunction with additional decorative vinyl elements.

The entire sign is then mounted to the wall using aluminum stand-off mounting hardware. This sign, at 24″ x 60″, is about the largest size that can be mounted with a single stand-off in each corner. Larger signs of this type can still be mounted with stand-offs, but may require an additional stand-off in the top and bottom center of the sign for a total of 6 stand-offs.

When planning your lobby sign, there are many options to choose from, including signs mounted on a glass or acrylic backer, like this one. Or, you can also choose to have your company name and/or logo router cut from many types of material such as foam, acrylic, wood, metal and more. Interested in a new lobby sign to brighten up your office space? Give the experts at Iconography Studios a call today at 562-424-4353!

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