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Our Work

Adding Sparkle to Company Cargo Van With a Car Wrap

Everyone could use a little more Sparkle in their daily lives, whether that means calling Sparkle Restoration Services located in Santa Ana, CA to help clean up your space, or adding some sparkle and shine to your fleet of vehicles!

With custom designed car wraps and vehicle graphics, it is create an entire sparkling fleet of actual marketing machines. This cargo van graphic installation is just one of several vehicles we designed and wrapped for Sparkle Restoration Services. While each vehicle has a slightly different design due to the significant differences in size and shape of the vehicles, they all coordinate perfectly with the company’s overall brand.

Car wraps and custom graphics are an easy and affordable way to quickly extend your business and your brand. Many of our customers, including service companies, contractors, and retail delivery businesses have started with one vehicle wrap, and then quickly added more. What happens is that the return on their initial investment of one wrap is so great, that they quickly see how they can’t afford NOT to wrap the rest of their vehicles. A few of our customers have even gone out an purchased more vehicles so they can wrap them. Some customers with businesses located in certain municipalities that don’t allow for large signage, use their vehicles as mobile billboards that they park strategically throughout their target market areas.

One of the reasons car wraps have become so popular is that they offer the lowest cost-per-impression than any other form of outdoor advertising. This has made mobile and outdoor advertising available to all types of smaller businesses that really don’t have the budget for expensive billboards.  The cost of your car wrap over the life of the wrap is likely much less than you are spending on your daily coffee.

Does your business have one, two or twenty vehicles? Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 to learn about wrapping your fleet, no matter how big or small.

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