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Our Work

BMW Concord Custom Courtesy 325i | Concord, CA

BMW Concord has a new fleet of courtesy vehicles, including this 325i that was originally blue, but is now a black base with BMW and Mini graphics to advertise the dealership located in Concord, CA.

Full vehicle wraps are an ideal way to temporarily change the color of a vehicle and add graphics or a message. There are several benefits that come with choosing a full wrap over a partial wrap:

1. The temporary vehicle wraps can be removed without damage to the original factory paint within 5 years of when the wrap was installed.

2. Full vehicle wraps limit the amount of “ghosting” that can occur with partial wraps or decal jobs. “Ghosting” occurs when the exposed paint fades faster than the paint that is covered by a decal or partial wrap. When the decals or partial vehicle wrap is removed, there may be a noticeable discoloration between the exposed paint and the paint that was covered.

3. A full vehicle wrap will provide some protection to the vehicle’s original factory paint against minor dings and scratches that can occur during everyday use of the vehicle. When the vehicle wrap is removed within 5 years, the original paint is typically in great shape.

Of course, as with anything, how well your wrap is maintained will have a significant impact on how well it performs. A car with a vehicle wrap that is kept in a garage and hand-washed weekly is going to hold up much better than one that sits outside at the beach everyday. Sun, dirt and pollutants are a wraps biggest enemies. Keeping your wrap clean is the best thing you can do to prolong the life of the wrap.

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