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Our Work

BMW M3 Vinyl Roof Wrap, Anaheim, CA

Want to change the color on your vehicle’s roof, hood or other panel using vehicle vinyl? It is pretty easy and quick to do when you work with a professional vehicle wrap and installation company like Iconography.

While we do sell the vinyl material, we definitely do not recommend our customers try to “do-it-yourself” when it comes to the installation of the material. Unless you have experience working with the vinyl, you will most likely find it frustrating at best to impossible at worst to get the vinyl to properly adhere without bubbles, creases or lifting. We have re-wrapped many vehicles for customers who purchased material off the internet and then tried to install the wrap themselves. Here are some tips you need to know about vinyl wrap installations that will help you decide if  you want to hire a company to install the material, or attempt to install it yourself:

1. The correct vinyl is important. The easiest vinyl to install that is also appropriate for a vehicle, meaning it won’t pull the paint off or deteriorate in the elements is 3M’s 1080 series vinyl. Please note: 3M makes hundreds of vinyls, from removable sign vinyls to proper vehicle grade vinyls. If you purchase a cheap sign vinyl made by 3M or any other company, this will be nearly impossible to properly install on your car.

2. A clean car is a must. Your factory paint must be in good condition. Any imperfections such as dings, scratches or dents will be visible under the vinyl. The manufacturers of the vinyl material guarantee that the vinyl will not harm your factory OEM paint job as long as the vinyl is removed within 5 years of installation. If your car has been repainted after it left the factory, there is a high possibility that the vinyl WILL pull some of the paint when the vinyl is removed.

3. The proper tools make the job much easier. Our certified installers have all been trained on using the proper tools to get the job done. This includes squeegees, heat guns, knives and fine line tape. These tools, when used properly, help to ensure a smooth, perfect installation. However, when used incorrectly they can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s paint.

Have questions about a vinyl wrap installation? Give us a call at 562-424-4353 to speak with one of our experts now!

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