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Our Work

Box Truck Becomes a Billboard

We loved taking this “completely bare” box truck and making it anything but! This full box truck wrap is the ideal rolling billboard.

If your business operates a fleet of box trucks, a few or even just one box truck, you really can’t afford NOT to wrap it. Did you know that vehicle wraps, or “rolling billboards” as the industry likes to call them, are the most effective form of outdoor advertising? Why else would big companies spend thousands of dollars to rent and wrap custom made rolling billboards that aren’t even vehicles that they own and operate. So, even if you own just one vehicle or operate a fleet of many, you too can create your own rolling billboard for less than $2.50 per day.

Vehicle wraps are easy to design, produce and install when you work with the vehicle wrap experts at Iconography. There are three basic components to every vehicle wrap, and Iconography’s in-house team of experts work together on all three aspects to make sure your vehicle wrap is nothing short of amazing:

1. DESIGN: All great vehicle wraps start with a great design. Your vehicle wrap design should be bold, simple, and communicate one basic message. A common mistake we see is that some designs are too complicated or too many messages are included. When this happens, your audience may be left saying, “gosh, that was pretty…but what was it advertising?” Our team of graphic artists work with you to ensure your wrap looks great AND is an effective marketing tool.

2.  MATERIALS: There are a wide range of vehicle wrap materials on the market, and there are three components to each wrap: vinyl media, ink, and laminate. For top performance, your vinyl media should come from one of the major manufacturers 3M, Avery or Oracal. All of these companies make excellent vehicle wrap materials, and each have certain benefits for uses in difference situations. The inks used in the printer that prints your graphics onto the vinyl is another important factor. At Iconography, we use only OEM inks from Roland in our Roland large format printers. And finally, laminates. There are two types of laminates – spray, or film. Spray laminates are only recommended for very short term projects where cost is critical. For almost all of our vehicle wraps, we use matching film laminates from the manufacturers of the vinyl to ensure longevity and durability of your vehicle wrap.

3. INSTALLATION: Once your material is ready, you will want to have it installed by an experienced and certified installation team. The tools used during installation include heat guns and razor blades – you don’t want an in-experienced person learning how to use these tools on your vehicle.

Once your vehicle wrap is completed, you will want to keep it clean to ensure the material looks great for years to come. Dirt and pollutants are the #1 cause of wraps failing or falling apart before their time. We recommend a hand-wash once a week.

Got a bare truck you’d like to cover up? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353.

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