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Our Work

Car Wrap for Toyota Prius Fleet, Fullerton CA

The Toyota Prius is easily one of the most common cars that we wrap, whether it be an entire fleet of them for a solar installation company, or just one or two for a small business.

The car is both economical to drive, and easy to turn into an effective salesman with a custom graphic car wrap, like this one for California Solar Systems. When planning your vehicle wrap, whether it be for a smaller car like a Prius, or a larger vehicle like a cargo van or box truck, there are several things you will want to consider regardless of the size of the vehicle you plan to wrap.

1. DESIGN – an effective vehicle wrap design needs to be simple. We all see too many vehicle wraps on the road that catch our attention because they are visually loud or startling, but can you remember exactly what that wrap was advertising? If not, then it isn’t a very effective wrap. While vehicle wraps have a higher recall rate than most forms of outdoor advertising, s simple car wrap design will ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck with your vehicle wrap. The three areas critical to a simple yet effective vehicle wrap design are color, text, and relevancy. Colors should be complementary and kept to a minimum. Text should also be kept to a minimum – save the detailed list of your amazing services for your website, where your customers will have the time to read them. Finally, the overall design should be integrated with your messaging – this is what we call relevancy of the design. A big, bold, red flame pattern may catch the eye, and may make sense if you are selling fire extinguishers or fireplaces….but if your gimmick is “red hot prices on computers” – then your messaging may get lost in the graphic.

2. MATERIAL – if you plan to have your vehicle wrap on your car or fleet for a year or more, then you will want to be sure it is printed on only the top quality vehicle grade vinyls. We prefer 3M’s IJ10 series for most vehicles. A matching laminate film that is applied to the print before it is installed is also important to protect against fading and minor scratching.

3. INSTALLATION – even the best materials on the market will fail if they are not installed properly. At Iconography, all of our installation crew are certified vehicle wrap installers. This allows us to offer a one year warranty on the installation of all of our vehicle wraps.

Interested in new graphics for your Toyota Prius or other fleet vehicle? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353 .


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