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Our Work

Cargo Van Full Vehicle Wrap for Conroy’s Flower’s

The vehicle wrap experts at Iconography in Los Alamitos, CA are proud to have installed this full vehicle wrap on a cargo van for Conroy’s Flowers.

This plain white standard van became a rolling billboard within a matter of hours after this eye-catching purple vehicle was installed over every inch of the cargo van.

Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to promote your company’s products, extend your company’s branding and get your business noticed! Did you know that vehicle wraps offer the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising? Read more about the benefits of vehicle wraps here.

A vehicle wrap is basically a big sticker. Once your vehicle wrap is designed by our expert design team, it is then sent to one of our top of the line Roland 6-color digital printers, where the design is printed on large rolls of 3M adhesive-backed vinyl specifically made for vehicle wrap applications.

The vehicle wrap material comes in several grades depending on how long the wrap needs to last. There is material for very short term wraps that need to be on a vehicle for just a few days or weeks and can then easily be removed, to high performance vehicle wrap materials that will look great on your vehicle for three years or more.

Are you interested in a vehicle wrap to promote your company’s business? Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 to learn how the vehicle wrap experts at Iconography can help with all aspects of your vehicle wrap project from design to installation, local or nationwide.


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