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Cargo Van Roof Graphics Catch Bird’s Eye View

Putting eye-catching graphics on your cargo van or other vehicle is an excellent way to boost your company’s brand and image.

Why put the graphics on the roof of your vehicle? Well, when you are tasked with a high-profile media event such as helping with the transportation of the Space Shuttle across Los Angeles, it can’t hurt to have your graphics where they can easily be seen by the news helicopters. Our client at Plump Engineering did just that, by adding maximum sized graphics to the roof of their cargo van

There are basically two types of vinyl graphics that can be used for vehicles. Each has different benefits and limitations:

1. Cut Vinyl Vehicle Graphics. These vinyl graphics are machine cut from rolls of solid color, high-performance cast vinyl material. The benefit is that these graphics generally have greater durability and longevity than digital print graphics, with some colors lasting more than 7 years. We have seen some cut vinyl graphics that have been properly cared for last as long as 10 years or more! The limitations of cut vinyl graphics is that the vinyl only comes in certain colors – it is a wide range, but they are still preset. If your company color is a unique one, there may not be a perfect match available. Also, only solid color graphics are possible with this vinyl. We can do overlays of several solid colors to achieve a multi-colored look. Of course adding more material means adding more cost to the job.

2. Digital Print Vehicle Graphics: With digitally printed vinyl vehicle graphics, the biggest advantage is that you are not limited to a certain set of solid colors. A wide gamut of colors can be printed, including shadings, patterns and photographs. We use high-performance vinyl print materials with matching laminates to protect the color. Even so, the trade off is that digitally printed graphics do not have the same longevity and durability as the cut vinyl graphics. Most digitally printed graphics with proper laminate will last three years when properly cared for; up to five years for graphics that receive limited sun exposure.

Whether your project calls for digitally printed vinyl vehicle graphics or cut vinyl graphics, the experts at Iconography can help you determine what the best material solution is for your situation.

Do you have a vehicle graphics project in mind? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353

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