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Our Work

City Light and Power Fleet Graphics | Long Beach CA

The vehicle wrap experts at Iconography are proud to have  installed these various truck wraps and fleet graphics for the City Light and Power fleet, located in Long Beach, CA

Fleet graphics of any size, shape and color are easy to achieve when you work with an experienced fleet graphics company. There are two different methods for producing fleet graphics, and each method offers different benefits. It is important to understand your options when choosing fleet graphics.

The two methods for producing fleet graphics are:

1. Cut Vinyl: This method involves using vinyl material that comes from the manufacturer in fabricated colors. We call it cut vinyl because the material is simply run through our plotter/cutter to create your shapes, text and designs. There is no printing involved with cut vinyl . The benefits of using cut vinyl fleet graphics are in the longevity and performance of the vinyl. The highest grade cut vinyl will generally last several years longer than the highest quality print vinyls. The limitations of the cut vinyls are that you are limited to the colors that the manufacturer provides, and your design can only be created in solid colors. Gradients, fading or photographs cannot be incorporated into graphics produced from cut vinyl.

2. Digital Print Vinyl: This method involves printing your designs directly onto the vehicle grade vinyl, and then applying a UV over-laminate for durability and longevity. The benefits of using printed vinyl are that your design choices are virtually unlimited. Photographs, gradients, and a much wider gamut of colors can be achieved when using printed vinyl. The limitation of the print vinyl is that it may not last as long as the cut vinyls, as the performance comes from the over laminate that is applied after the printing is completed.

Have questions about which material is right for your fleet project? The vehicle wrap experts at Iconography can help!  Give us a call today at 562-424-4353.

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