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Our Work

Custom Designed Vehicle Wrap Grabs Attention!

This custom designed vehicle wrap for Sure-Grip by Iconography is sure to grab the attention of passer-by! Our design team incorporated the boot theme for this roller skate manufacturing company into the overall design of the wrap.

This custom vehicle wrap design is an excellent example of what our art department believes are the three most critical elements of every successful vehicle wrap design:

1. Bold and appropriate use of color. The wrap should incorporate bold colors that are complementary, eye-catching and aesthetically appealing. Too many bold colors, or combining the wrong colors can quickly turn a wrap into an eyesore.

2. Simple yet relevant design. Integrating the message into the artwork itself is not an easy task. The overall background of this wrap integrates the company’s primary product into the design, without going overboard. Clever.

3. Limited text and wording. Your vehicle wrap design should have one primary objective: attention and retention of your brand. Thus, it needs to be simple so that your most important information does not get lost in too much detail. Most people will only have a few seconds to see your wrap. You want them to remember your name, the overall look, and perhaps your web address. Phone number and a simple tagline are also effective. Anything more is too much. Save the detail for your website, where you can really sell your business, and where your customer will have time to review.

Interested in a vehicle wrap, but not sure where to start? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353!

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