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Our Work

Custom Etched Vinyl Graphic Cut Out on Glass, Los Angeles, CA

Etched vinyl cut-out graphics are an excellent way to combine privacy with aesthetics, like these frosted vinyl graphics applied to glass conference room walls at an office in Century City in Los Angeles, CA.

Frosted or “etched” vinyl is an economical and popular way to add semi-permanent graphics and/or privacy film to just about any glass surface. Walls, windows, doors, glass tables and even concrete floors are easily dressed-up with frosted vinyl in both residential and commercial environments.

The process to achieve a fantastic-looking etched vinyl application on glass is simple:

1. Identify and measure the glass surfaces that will receive the etched vinyl material. When planning for your etched vinyl, it is important to know that the largest rolls of etched vinyl material are 48″ in width, by up to 100 yards in length. This will have an impact on the design process, particularly if the area you plan to cover exceeds 48″ in both directions. If your project is a significant size, or complicated, we will be glad to send a professional out to help with taking accurate measurements.

2. Creating the design for your etched vinyl application is easy when you work with the award-winning graphic design team at Iconography Studios. We are expert at coming up with ideal solutions for large etched applications given the limitations of the size of the material. The material also comes in several densities and textures, and we can help you decide which one is right for your application.

3. Production and installation of your etched vinyl will begin once you have received and approved proofs of what your application will look like once it is finished. Your final design will be machine-cut and then professionally installed by a member of our certified installation team.

Interested in adding privacy film to one of your glass conference rooms or offices? We can help! Give us a call today at 562-424-4353!

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