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Our Work

Custom Gem Cart Graphic Wraps, Calabasas CA

Can You Turn An Electrical Cart Into A Work Of Art?  We are Iconography, We Can Do Anything!

Our latest project really is something unique.  Our customer Upside Management located in Calabasas, CA is a property management company that’s has many different properties.   They were looking into purchasing a fleet of 4 electrical carts that they wanted to use for 2 of their properties to use as a security vehicle and as an advertisement for prospective renters.

This fleet of carts will be used on the property and our customer wanted the 2 properties to have the same design just 2 different color schemes.  The other key factor in the design was that they wanted something that was ART DECO and GREAT GATSBY looking.  I truly believe we have delivered just that.  The design on the boxes is a work of art and will truly catch the eye for potential renters and will definitely be noticeable as a security vehicle.

The installation process for electrical carts are very different than anything else we do.  The reason is because electrical carts generally have more compound curves  and we need to take extra time and care to ensure the material adheres well.  Yes, they are small but there are so many curves and recessed areas on the vehicles that you truly need an expert to complete them.  Here at Iconography we are the vehicle experts and we love to accept any challenge!

Do you have a new electrical cart you would like to turn into a work of art?  Call us today!  562-424-4353

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