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Our Work

Custom Graphic Wrap Toyota RAV4 for Blue Shield California

Blue Shield of California is branding a fleet of  brand new Toyota RAV4 vehicles. We were fortunate to be chosen to work with Blue Shield’s in-house marketing and design team to print and apply this vehicle wrap to this new fleet. 

A vehicle wrap is an excellent use of your marketing dollars, as you are branding an existing asset that gets in front of thousands of potential customers daily, at a cost less than almost all other forms of outdoor advertising. 

The cost of a vehicle wrap is made up of three factors: design, amount of material required, and installation time. You can chose either a full wrap that covers the entire vehicle, or a partial wrap. For most full wraps, we do not recommend wrapping the roof, as the material on the roof will wear much quicker due to sun damage. There are some exceptions, such as if the vehicle will be primarily driven in a city with lots of skyscrapers where potential customers will be looking down on the vehicle from above. 

In a partial wrap, the amount of material and installation time are less than what is required for a full wrap, which saves you money! In fact, we can customize a partial wrap to fit a budget that you specify. You can tell us, for example, that you want to spend no more than $1000.00 total on your wrap. No problem! We can design a partial wrap that most efficiently utilizes the amount of material required for a job at that price.

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