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Our Work

Digitally Printed Vinyl Banners, Anaheim CA

At Iconography Studios, we are proud to produce these digitally printed large formal vinyl banners for the Honda Center located in Anaheim CA.

Vinyl banners can be made in almost any size, and printed with almost any graphic you can imagine, including photographs, text and graphic designs. The vinyl media comes in large rolls up to 72″ wide, and longer than a football field. Banners with dimensions exceeding 72″ on both sides can be sewn together with multiple panels.

Vinyl banner materials come in different weights and finishes, which can be useful depending on how you plan to use your banner. Indoor banners can generally be fabricated from lighter weight materials than outdoor banners. Also, a banner that will be displayed directly at eye level may benefit from a smoother finish on the material than one that will hang several stories above a crowd.

Reinforced hems with webbing and wind slits are important options to consider when finishing your banner to hang outdoors. An improperly manufactured and installed banner can act as a sail and have been knows to topple over light posts. If heavy winds are an issue, mesh vinyl banners that allow air and winds to completely pass through are a great option.

Not sure what to do with your banner when you are done with it? Check out our banner recycling program!

Have a vinyl banner project in mind? We can help with all aspects from design to printing and installation. Give us a call today at 562-424-4353.

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