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Our Work

Escalade gets a Matte Black Wrap, Newport Beach, CA

The vinyl ninjas at Iconography are proud to have transformed this Cadillac Escalade for a client in Newport Beach, CA with the latest in matte black finishes.

Using only the highest quality 4 mil wrapping casts by manufacturers Oracal, 3M and Avery, the vehicle wrap experts at Iconography are the people to get the job done right.

We disassemble the car quite a bit just like any quality painter would to get a smooth, seamless finish. We drop bumpers, headlights, tail lights, mirrors, door handles, etc. The entire process takes about a week, and we do not offer rush service on these detailed jobs.

There are now several types and colors of matte and other color change vinyl wrapping materials on the market. We use only the best vehicle wrap vinyls by Oracal, Avery and 3m. All are excellent products – the biggest differences are in the color selections and finishes – some have a flatter finish while others have a slight sheen.

So, why wrap vs. paint? Well, for one thing painting over the original factory paint on your vehicle immediately devalues your car for resale. And if you’ve leased your car, well the leasing company might not be too happy if you painted it. A matte vinyl wrap offers an amazing finish comparable to a paint job in the $10,000 range, but at a much lower cost. And, you can take the material off within a few years if you plan to sell your car or need to return a leased vehicle.

Interested in a matte black wrap or other color vehicle wrap? Call the experts at Iconography today at 562-424-4353!

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