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Our Work

Etched Vinyl Decals On Glass, Fontana CA

Etched vinyl decals are a great way to dress up almost any glass surface in your office, home, boat or any other location. The frosted vinyl can easily be cut into almost any pattern, allowing for customized themes to be continued throughout the space.

Any glass surface can easily be turned into a work of art, from windows and walls to tables and even floors in your office, restaurant, bedroom, bathroom, den – you name it! Our art department will create a custom design to fit your specific style whether it be a modern block pattern, a natural image of flora or fauna, or even a scene from your child’s favorite cartoon applied to his or her mirrored closet doors or bedroom window. Corporate logos can even have custom colors added to complete your brand image.

In addition to the design elements, etched vinyl offers lighting control and privacy. Restaurants, office buildings, health clubs, hotels and other commercial spaces use the frosted vinyl to create privacy screens without interfering with natural lighting. Two significant benefits of choosing frosted vinyl over actual etching is that the vinyl is easily removed at a later date to allow for changes in themes and redesigns. Also, many landlord may object to permanent etching of glass, but will not object to the vinyl applications because they can be easily removed with no harm to the glass surface. Etched vinyl decals are also less costly than the same patterns and coverage of actual glass etchings.

Interested in adding a frosted or etched vinyl application to a glass surface in your workspace or residence? Give the experts at Iconography Studios a call today at 562-424-4353.



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