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Etched Window Vinyl and Logos for Interior Offices | Fontana CA


Etched vinyl is an excellent way to dress up your interior office windows and doors with a frosted look that is professional, clean and understated. Add your company’s logo with a digitally printed window decal for a splash of color.

Etched vinyl is a great way to dress up your interior office space. Combine the benefits of privacy, glare-reduction and branding by adding your logo cut-out or other company graphics to frosted glass windows, conference room walls or office doors.

Etched vinyl comes in several different textures and densities, each offering a various amounts of light to pass through. The etched vinyl can be cut into just about any shape or size so that you can truly customize the look of just about any glass surface.

Etched or frosted vinyl can also be used as a decorative element on mirrors, plexiglass panels, glass table-tops, display cases, acrylic furniture pieces and sign frames. A custom cut-out of frosted vinyl added to a large, clean sliding glass door offers a visual reminder to open the door before walking through!

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