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Ford Transit Connect Car Wrap, Whittier CA

There’s nothing artificial about this car wrap on this Ford Transit Connect for TurFresh, the company that knows how to keep your artificial grass and synthetic turf clean and odor-free.

This type of car wrap that covers most but not all of the vehicle is referred to as a partial wrap. Partial wraps are very popular because they deliver your message with impact, while saving costs on material and installation.

Most car wraps and vehicle graphics are priced based on how much material is required for the job, and how long the installation time will take. With a partial wrap, the base color of the car is integrated and used as part of the overall design, so the material requirement is much less than with a full wrap.

This Ford Transit Connect partial wrap is an excellent example of the key design elements that should be included with a partial wrap:

1. Colors. The base color of the vehicle must be complementary to the overall design colors. White works well for colorful designs such as this one. In some cases, a black base color is best. The important thing is that the base color and the wrap color work together. For example, a green wrap on a red vehicle is to be avoided.

2. Keep it simple. As with all advertising  wrap designs, less is more. Avoid too much text and too many colors. Stick with company name, basic contact info and maybe a tagline or slogan. Save the details for your website or other marketing materials.

3. Strategic placement of the wrap. The back of the vehicle and rear side panels are typically the best “canvas” for your car wrap artwork. These offer the greatest design space as well as the most visibility to your audience.

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