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Our Work

Frosted Glass Lobby Sign on Stand-Offs, Orange County CA

This pair of frosted glass lobby signs was easy to construct and install, providing a clean, modern look for UCAdvantage, located in Aliso Viejo in Orange County, CA.

Glass wall signs on stand-offs are a popular way to achieve an elegant display in your lobby, conference room, or other office space. Smaller signs, like the smaller 18″ x 36″ sign here,  can easily be installed with four stand-offs, one in each corner. Larger signs, like the 36″ x 72″ one shown here, will need 6 or more stand-offs to adequately support the sign.

The frosted or etched vinyl material can be applied to either the front or the back of the glass sign face, depending on the look you desire. Other sign elements, including dimensional letters, cut vinyl decals and digital prints can be applied to the sign on top of the etched vinyl.

Stand-off hardware comes in several standard sizes ranging from 3/8″ diameter up to 7/8″ diameter in a brushed aluminum finish. Larger shapes and sizes can be custom ordered to your specifications. The stand-offs consist of a barrel (the part between the sign and the wall), and a cap (the part you see on top of the sign), as well as posts and other mounting hardware that runs through the barrel and secures the entire thing to the wall. When ordering stand-off hardware, be sure to let your sign company know what kind of wall it will be attached to, as this can make a difference on which type of anchors and mounting hardware is supplied with your stand-offs.

Interested in a stand-off wall display for your home, office or other space? Give the experts at Iconography Studios a call today at 562-424-4353.

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