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Our Work

Gold Chrome Laminate Lobby Sign, Long Beach, CA

This lobby sign for Regional Centers Holding Group located in Long Beach, CA is a perfect example of using the right combination of materials to construct a high-end, classy sign at a reasonable price point.

The letters for this lobby sign are were cut on a router table from 1/4″ pvc material. The pvc material was finished on the faces with a gold chrome laminate, and the sides of the letters and logo were painted with a matching color metallic sign paint. The result is a stunning sign. At an overall size of 30″ x 48″, this lobby sign adds presence and sophistication to this business lobby.

Lobby signs and other interior business signs can be constructed from a wide variety of materials, including plastics, woods, metals, foams and even glass.  Using the right combination of materials can help you achieve your goals for how your sign should look and what message it will convey, as well as keeping to a specific budget you may have for your project.

Architectural foams and plastics are useful materials to add depth and dimension to your sign while keeping costs low. If your objective is a high-end looking metal sign in a material such as brass, copper, steel, or chrome, your sign can become pricey pretty quickly as these materials are costly. A good way to achieve your look within your budget is to use a metal laminate on the face of foam or plastic letters and logos. Metallic paints can also be used on the faces and edges of the sign letters and logos to finish the project.

Most sign letters and logos, whether they are made from foam, plastic or metal, can be attached to the wall or other surface using a few different methods. Flush-mounted letters offer a clean look and are typically attached directly to the wall using a combination of tapes and glues. Metal letters and foam and plastic letters can also be pin-mounted so that they stand off of the wall and appear to be floating for added dimension.

Are you interested in a new or updated sign for your lobby or other business space? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353. We’d love to help you find the right combination of materials for your  objectives and your budget!


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