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Graphic Vinyl Wrap on Scion Car, Los Angeles

It’s bright blue and you just can’t miss it if you drive by it on the freeway or in town. The custom printed color of this vehicle wrap in a color that is nothing like a factory paint job really makes it stand out.

When you take an effective vehicle wrap design and then put it on a vehicle that offers an excellent size and shape for your message, you end up with a true marketing machine that literally drives your message home. There are three basic components when it comes to creating an effective vehicle wrap design, and all of those components can easily be seen in this wrap for Wilshire Consumer Credit’s Loan Center based in Los Angeles, CA. Those design components are:

1. A Simple Design: sure, a visually-loud, colorful arrangement  of lots of colors will certainly get someone’s attention, but it won’t necessarily help the viewer retain any messaging you may be trying to convey. An overly-complicated design will often just leave the viewer with an impression that they saw something, but won’t be able to remember specifics. Keeping the vehicle wrap design simple will help with retention and recall rate of your messaging.

2. Limited Text: keep in mind that your audience only has a few seconds to take in your message, maybe longer if they are stopped near you at a stop light. Most of your viewer won’t have time to read through a long list of your excellent products or services. You’ll want to save the detailed information for your website, and think of your vehicle wrap as a tool to drive customers to your website. For this reason, it is best to limit the text on your wrap to your company name or product that you are promoting, your web address and maybe a tag line or catch phrase. Pictures and graphics should be complementary to your messaging.

3. Complementary Colors: This is somewhat related to the first point, in that if the colors are not complementary they will clash. And then, your audience will notice the clashing colors instead of your messaging. Unless your product or service or branding involves a rainbow, it is best to limit your colors to just two with a possible accent color.

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