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Our Work

Interior Illuminated Signage, Los Angeles CA

Fabulous custom neon illuminated indoor signs add life and energy in any office, restaurant, or other business such as this one in Los Angeles, CA.

Grindr is a unique social networking application for IPhone and Android users.  The application is primarily used by men and it works it has a built in GPS tracking system where you log on and it determines your location and you can chat with many different guys around you.  A person can be 2 miles, 1 mile, 1500 feet or even 0 FEET AWAY.

Neon signage has always been a popular project for people, but the new aspect of it is being used for offices.   And the new fad is using the standard white neon on contrasting bright color walls and that is exactly what we did with this project.  The white is so sharp and clean that it strikes everybody’s attention and if you get the reference you can’t help but smile!

When it comes to any interior signage, your biggest thought should be location, location, location.  Interior illuminated signage is even more dependent on location.  Illuminated signs need power and needs to have something that it can plug into.   Neon signs have a lot of wiring that is involved so you do not want to have the sign be installed in a location where the other side is seen a lot because you will see many wires.

Do you have an idea for a neon sign or any illuminated sign to bring some life and energy to your office?  Give us a call and we can get started on it for you! 562-424-4353


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