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Our Work

Internally Illuminated Monument Sign, Irvine, CA

A custom monument sign serves the dual purpose of directing customers and traffic to your location, as well as advertising your business.

Monument signs can be fabricated from many different types of materials including aluminum, architectural foam, brick, wood, or concrete. Many monument signs are made from a combination of materials, such as this one that was built for Masimo company, which is located within an industrial business park in Irvine, CA. The monument side placed at the roadside helps direct customers to the proper location withing the business park.

This monument first needed a new base foundation, which was built from concrete poured into a custom wooden frame. Once the concrete hardens, the frame is removed and a nice, clean base remains.

The sign cabinet was manufactured from aluminum and fitted with wiring and ballasts for internal lighting. The face of the sign is acrylic with cut-outs for the logo and letters, which are also manufactured from acrylic and “pushed through” the face of the sign to provide dimension as well as to allow the light out of the letters when the sign is lit up at night.

The aluminum sign cabinet is then bolted to the concrete foundation to complete the sign.

Does your business need a new or updated monument sign? Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 to discuss your sign project.

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