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Latest Trend: Perforated Vehicle Window Graphics | Los Alamitos CA

Transform your vehicle windows into a mobile billboard for your business! Steve’s BBQ and Catering in Los Alamitos made excellent use of the windows on their delivery van for advertising.

A new trend in custom vehicle wraps for business and marketing purposes is using perforated window film only on the windows of cargo vans and similar vehicles.  This material is applied on the exterior the surface of the window. It allows transparent vision from the inside and restricts the visibility from the other side.  Its a fantastic way to get your business name out there while keeping your vehicle the same color.

This perforated window film is also a great way to improve the security and privacy of your vehicle.  The material has small holes in it that allows the graphic to be seen clearly when looking at it on the outside.  The light comes through these holes and all a person will see is the graphic and this allows the items or person sitting in the vehicle to not be seen.

The perforated window film is always laminated with an optically clear UV laminate that protects against sun damage. The laminate also keeps rain from getting caught in the perforations (which would reduce visibility) – thus keeping visibility for the driver “clear”.

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