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Our Work

Lobby Sign with Wall Graphics and Dimensional Letters, Irvine, CA

Combine custom vinyl all graphics with a dimensional letter sign to create a unique lobby display for your business, like this one for iMarket Solutions in Irvine, CA.

This project involves custom printed digital wall wrap material that is then machine cut out in the orange shape pattern that is then applied to the wall. This material is the same material that is used for custom wall wraps that wrap the entire wall. This custom graphic is the perfect framing for the lobby sign in the middle. The lobby sign brings dimension to the overall space. The sign letters and logo are router cut from 1/2″ clear acrylic. The clean acrylic is then back-painted in custom colors, leaving the clear acrylic to appear as if it is floating on the surface.

It has never been easier to dress up your lobby space with a combination of many types of signage and materials including wall wraps, dimensional letter signs, stand-off displays and lighting in the form of internal or back-lit illuminated signage.  At Iconography Studios, our award-winning art department can help you with everything from design through selecting materials that will both achieve the aesthetic element you are looking for as well as fit your budget.

Time to update your business lobby or other space? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353 to get started!

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