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Our Work

Seamless Matte Black Wrap BMW 5 Series

“When I was considering a wrap, I shopped around at various websites and made many phone calls in inquiry. James at Iconography was the only person to actually explain the product, and expressed his personal enthusiasm for BMWs, and set my mind at ease about using a product like this on my car.”

“He took the time and explained the care of the product as well as all of its limitations. In the end, it was worth the extra drive to have my car in the hands of someone I trusted. When I left my car there on a Labor Day afternoon and James made a special trip out the shop just to put it into the garage…meant the world to me.”

On the installation: “Being an architectural designer, part of my job is being a perfectionist, and feel that you guys exceeded my own expectations for the car, and that is saying something! More than that even, was knowing that you guys not only cared about my car, but were as excited to see the finished product as I was too. I cannot thank you enough!” – Jeffrey Thompson

Matte vehicle wraps have become popular among many car enthusiasts….so popular that the manufacturers of the vehicle wrap vinyls now make the material in a wide range of colors and finishes, including matte white, army green, silver and even a brushed aluminum.

All matte wraps are not the same. We’ve seen some cars wrapped in sign or digital print vinyls that are laminated with a matte film. This method just won’t hold up or look as sharp as the cast vehicle grade vinyls that are made for this purpose.

At Iconography, our matte wraps are all done with the best cast matte vinyls on the market from manufacturers 3M, Oracal and Avery – each company’s vinyls come in slightly different colors and finishes, so we recommend that you visit our showroom to see sample materials, view our works in progress, and make an informed decision for your project.

Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 – we’d love to talk to you about your matte vehicle wrap!

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