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Our Work

Our Work

Matte Silver Wrap BMW M3

This black BMW M3 convertible recently got a slick new makeover with a matte silver vinyl vehicle wrap by the vehicle wrap experts at Iconography.

Using 3M’s 1080 series vinyl vehicle wrap material, our expert installation crew gave this originally black BMW an entirely new look. 3M’s new vinyl wrapping cast vinyls come in a range of both matte and gloss finish colors including silver, grey, pink, orange, green, metallic blue and more.

Why chose a vinyl wrap? Besides the obvious of just wanting your car to look cool, the reason most of our customers chose a vinyl wrap is that the material is easily removed within 5 years of installation, and will not damage your factory paint job. So whether you lease or own your car, you can rest assured that your vinyl wrap will not devalue your vehicle the way it would if you were to paint over that factory paint.

At Iconography, we take great pride in our matte wraps. In fact, our installation process for matte wraps is very different from our process for advertising wraps. The entire process takes a week – we disassemble the car quite a bit just as any quality painter would do in order to get a smooth, seamless finish.

Interested in a matte wrap for your ride? Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 to speak with one of our vehicle wrap experts.

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