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Our Work

New Business Signs For Local Swim School | Long Beach, CA

Iconography Studios is proud to have designed, produced and installed these gorgeous new signs for the Deep Blue Scuba & Swim Center located in Long Beach, CA.

Storefront signage is arguably one of the most important investments your business will make. It is important to consider all aspects of sign planning and construction when making this investment.  Your sign will serve many purposes for your business. As a marketing tool, it will attract new customers to your business. It will serve as a locator for people trying to find you. And it will often be the first visual representation of your business and your brand. Important criteria to consider when designing your sign to meet all of these include:

1. Location of your sign: where will your sign be most visible to your potential customers, both vehicular traffic and pedestrian passerby?

2. Size of your sign: the larger your sign, the more visible it will be from far away. A general rule of thumb is that every upward inch of signage adds 10 ft of visibility. So a 12″ tall sign is visible from 120 feet away.

3. Materials: there are a wide range of materials available to construct signs, from plastics to foams and metals. Material choice is often dictated by budget, as the costs of the materials varies almost as widely as the choices themselves.

4. Illumination: how will your sign be lighted so that it can be seen at night? There are many options for illumination. The first is to decide whether or not to internally illuminate the sign with neon or LED. If this is not an option, external illumination such as flood lighting can be added.

5. Finally, building codes. What are the restrictions or limitations dictated by your municipality and/or landlord on your building signage. Because these limitations may not be in line with your expectations, we often start here to best understand what is allowed, and then help you design something that will fit your needs and the City’s plans.

Interested in updating your business signs? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353.

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