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Our Work

Partial Wraps for Sprinter Fleet

The vehicle wrap experts at Iconography are proud to have produced and installed these fleet graphics on the first of the  FujiSan and Okami fleet of Sprinter Vans hitting the road.

Sprinter Vans are excellent rolling billboards to transport your company brand or message. Sprinter Vans are now sold in the US exclusively through Mercedes-Benz, although in the past they were distributed by Daimler-Chrysler under the brand name Dodge.

The Sprinter Van presents some specific challenges for vehicle wraps, particularly the deep channels along the sides of the van. In fact, 3M, one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle wrap material, makes a vehicle wrap vinyl that is specifically made for Sprinters and vehicles with similar features. This material, IJ380, requires an experienced installer who knows how to post-heat the material with a heat gun or blow-torch. This post-heat treatment is what keeps the material in place in the channels and prevents bubbling and lifting of the wrap.

At Iconography, we are experts at Sprinter Van Wraps – we do everything from design to installation in-house. Our award-winning design team is very familiar with the surfaces of all sizes and models of Sprinter Vans, and has the experience to design something that is also achievable when it gets to the installation stage. Our installation team has wrapped hundreds of Sprinter Vans – both partial and full wraps – and know all the tricks and quirks of working with these vehicles and the special 3M materials.

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