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Perforated Window Film Makes Excellent Mobile Billboard | Long Beach CA

Local Long Beach business Pacific Remediation has turned their Sprinter van into a mobile billboard with perforated window film graphic wraps applied to the windows on the van.

Perforated window film is an excellent way to advertise on your vehicle, while at the same time adding privacy and protection against the sun. Perforated window film, or “Window Perf”, is very similar to the vehicle wrap vinyl that you see on the bodies of cars and trucks. This material has just been perforated – that is small holes have been made throughout the material. This perforation allows the full graphic image that is printed on one side to be seen, and still allows viewing through the window from the other side. Drivers prefer this because their view remains unobstructed, unlike with decals or lettering.

Window Perf is easily removable from glass surfaces, and it is recommended that windows that have received a Window Perf application remain closed throughout the life of the application. Rolling down or opening windows can cause the vinyl to start to lift.

For all Window Perf applications on vehicles, we always use an “optically clear” over-laminate applied to the printed sides of the material. This laminate serves three purposes:

1. The optically clear laminate protects the prints at the time of installation, and against minor scratches.

2. The optically clear laminate protects the prints against fading caused by the sun.

3. The optically clear laminate provides a smooth surface over the perforations. Without the laminate, rain water would build up in the tiny holes and cause both visual interference as well as damage to the material.

Interested in adding a Window Perf billboard to your vehicle? Give us a call at 562-424-4353 to get your project started today!

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