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Plumtree & Tran Vehicle Graphics

“We are thankful for the responsiveness of Iconography. You guys were really good to work with. We are already thinking about our next generation of vehicles and wrap designs and how we can up the ‘wow’ factor for the next go around.”  — David Tran, Owner

The vehicle wrap experts at Iconography are proud to have designed and installed this partial vehicle wrap for local Plumtree & Tran, LLP located in Los Alamitos, California. The skilled artists at Iconography first designed the logo and color palette for our client, and then incorporated both into this vehicle wrap graphics you see below.

At Iconography, our team of designers did a great job of designing a wrap that says “sophisticated yet not stuffy” – which is eactly what Plumtree & Tran wanted to portray. While they are lawyers, they are self-described as “jeans and trucks kinda people” and not stuffy business suits.

The team at Plumtree & Tran saw an oportunity to get their message out to their target audience in a novel way not yet exploited by their competitors. It is ironic, because their target market clients are themselves in company trucks that are “lettered-up”. As owner, David Tran, says, ” they are used to seeing businesses and tradesmen in lettered-up trucks and cars, and are comfortable with that. We also know that our target market actively scours the landscape for potential vendors and competitors. We elected to use a wrap also because we wanted our target audience to see us driving down the freeway with the implicit undrstanding that we are in a work truck driving to/from a work site.”

When asked why they chose a partial wrap, David replied, “We chose a partial wrap that is tasteful and not too over-the-top because of the service we are selling. We didn’t need a full wrap because we don’t sell anything that is visible, i.e. attractive models or a finished product that can be shown off. Because we are selling legal services, we struggled to find something that is readily associated with our industry and that would convey quickly the industry that we serve.”

Plumtree & Tran  provide legal consulting and services to the construction community. Their clients include big companies to smaller family-run construction businesses. Plumtree & Tran take great pride in their diligence to understand the unique needs of each customer in order to offer solutions.

Does your business need a complete identity package from logo and corporate colors to vehicle wraps and signage? Let the experts at Iconography assist you with all of your design and graphics needs. Give us a call today at 562-424-4353.

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