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Our Work

Record Company Custom Graphic Wall Wrap

Iconography Studios is proud to have wrapped this lobby wall for Del Records, located in Downey, CA. This “step and repeat” pattern makes the perfect backdrop for photo shoots.

Custom graphic wall wraps are are an easy way to bring your company’s branding into your lobby, conference room or other area. Wall wraps are essentially custom wall paper that incorporate any imagery you chose. The wall wrap material is very similar to the material used for vehicle wraps, and the process is almost the same from design through installation.

Here are a few tips you may want to think about if you are considering a wall wrap for your home or office:

1. Design: There really is no limit to the imagery or text that can be included in your wall wrap. Photos, logos, custom graphics and text can all be combined in any manner that you can think of. If you want to incorporate photographs, you will need to consider how large the original image is, and how large you want it to be blown up. A 4″x6″ snapshot cannot be enlarged to a 4’x6′ wall space without significant loss of resolution. We strongly suggest photo images be in the 25MB or larger size range if they are to be enlarged and included in a wall wrap. Many stock images can be purchased relatively inexpensively from stock photography websites such as shutterstock or iStockPhoto. Before you purchase a photo for a wall wrap, give us a call and talk to our designers so that they can help guide you to make sure that the image you purchase will be appropriately displayed on your wall wrap.

2. Material: The material that we use for wall wraps is an adhesive-backed vinyl (basically a big sticker), that we laminate after printing to ensure durability of the image. The material is very similar to the material used for vehicle wraps, but it is made for indoor applications. The UV laminate helps protect against fading on walls that may receive sunlight. Most interior wall wraps will long outlast the amount of time that you will want to look at it.

3. Installation: Wall wraps are easy for our certified installation team to install. One of the most important factors to consider prior to installation is the surface of the wall. Any texture or bumps in the wall finish will show through the wrap material. Also, if the texture is too rough, the material will not adhere well. The smoother the wall finish is, the better. Also, you will want to make sure the wall is painted with a gloss or semi-glass paint. Flat paint makes the installation difficult, and can pull the paint off of the wall – which makes a mess during installation.

Are you considering a wall wrap for your home or office? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353.

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