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Rotary Drives Message With Fleet Graphics

Rotarians in Rotary District 5160 in Northern California have taken pride in Rotary to a new level by creating a custom wrapped fleet with these  vehicle wraps installed on their club member’s own cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s.

“We are thrilled with our car wraps and magnetics.  Our 3-year district PR program has a double focus, one part external, one part internal.  Not only are we using our “rolling billboards” to advertise our presence and contact information to the public at large, our extremely attractive and eye-catching car wraps have energized both our leadership in particular and our membership in general!  Everybody loves them!  Membership is up; donations are up; contacts from the public and energy in our clubs are all up!  We know our Iconography designed car wraps are playing an essential part in improving our visibility and revitalizing our district.  We chose to work with Iconography for several reasons:  your stellar reputation, recommendations from other Rotary districts, your professional, helpful, and highly cooperative staff, but most of all because of the high quality product you produce.  We are delighted with this year’s car wraps and magnetics and plan to follow-up with two more years worth of car wraps.  We truly believe that car wraps are the most effective PR strategy and absolutely “the best bang for the buck” in advertising. Thanks for all the great work and service.” – Bill Randall, Rotary District 5160 Public Relations Chair.

The effectiveness of a car wrap or vehicle wrap is an unparalleled marketing impact. Industry analysts, researchers and trade representatives have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards. Outdoor Advertising Magazine said that outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate, and 96% of survey respondents thought mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.

A vehicle wrap can reach thousands of potential customers per day. However, there is no junk mail or spam filter for vehicle wraps. There are no pop-up blockers for vehicle wraps, and you don’t have to click on anything to view them. You can’t turn it off, fast forward or change the channel. You can’t throw it in the garbage or hang up on it.

And why would you want to? With a properly designed vehicle wrap by Iconography, your message will be both aesthetically appealing and make an impact! Also, with a vehicle wrap lasting an average of 3 years or more, you are investing in the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising at about $2.50 per day! If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, you almost cannot afford NOT to take advantage of all of that available advertising space.

Interested in promoting your business or organization with a vehicle wrap, but not sure where to start? Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353.

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