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Our Work

Our Work

Rotary International: Changing the World

At Iconography Studios, we are proud to be members of Rotary International. We belong to the Rotary Club of Long Beach, in District 5320. This year,  we are wrapping 10 trailers in Southern California to raise awareness and promote the message of Rotary.

This project is made possible in conjunction with other Rotary Clubs in Districts 5260, 5280, and 5300, a matching grant from Rotary International, and generous donation of space on the trailers from Ability Tri-Modal.

Rotary is involved in many projects worldwide, from eradicating polio, to bringing fresh drinking water to remote villages. Rotary clubs are also very active in their local communities. In Long Beach, our club built Rotary Centennial Park in an under-served area of the city. These are just a few small examples of what Rotarians can accomplish. Interested? Follow this link to learn more about joining Rotary.

Below we will be documenting the process of this trailer wrap project.

And, to show that we are Rotarians who walk the talk, we’d also like to share with you some photos we took recently on a trip to Caborca, Mexico where we had the opportunity to administer the polio vaccine to children in rural villages.

I joined for business and fellowship. I stayed to change the world.


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