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Rustic and Unique Exterior Signage in Los Angeles, CA

Rustic and Unique Exterior Signage in Los Angeles!

An exterior sign is the most important necessity for any business. 

If you do not have a sign, how are people going to know who you are? DUH!  There are many different signs you can choose from.  Signs can be illuminated, non illuminated, aluminum, foam, acrylic, wood, …really anything you can imagine!  You should really think what best fits the look and feel for your business.

For our friends at Café Paradocs, they have a very rustic look and feel for their interior so why not have the exterior sign match?  You want your sign to be an accurate reflection of your business so that you attract the right customers.

Also, your sign cal look expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be constructed that way. For example, this sign was produced with foam letters and had a brushed copper laminate.  These letters were then mounted on top of a brushed medium bronze aluminum rectangle backing.  All of this material also had stucco edges.  For foam exterior signs we strongly recommend using stucco finish because it protects the sign against the elements and particularly against birds – sometimes they like to pick at the edges of the foam. 

The colors fit perfectly with the interior and you really know the look and feel of the business before you even walk in the door!  The colors and materials were picked out by the owners themselves and they work perfectly.  The color contrast between the sign and the exterior wall is great!  The sign really stands out and gets the much needed attention it deserves!

Here at Iconography we want to give you what is right for your business!  Give us a call at 562-424-4353 and let us help you pick the right sign for your budget!

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