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Our Work

Our Work

Tanker Truck Wrap, Cerritos, CA

Our client Better Beverages knows that vehicle wrap advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of outdoor advertising, offering the lowest cost-per-impression of any method of outdoor advertising. For this reason, Better Beverages has wrapped the fleet of vehicles from box trucks to tankers like this one.

A tanker truck may look difficult to wrap because of its cylindrical shape, but when you work with the vehicle wrap experts at Iconography Studios, you’ll see that we can easily wrap even the most complicated objects. These custom tankers deliver CO2 to their customers, so while these tankers may be full of gas and bubbles, our wraps are not. Our certified installation team are all expertly trained on the methods necessary for making sure that the adhesive-backed vinyl of the wrap material properly adheres to the curvy surfaces of  these tanker trucks.

Using the correct materials and laminates is an important part of making sure your installation on a curvy object goes well. At Iconography. we prefer to use the highest quality vehicle grade wrap materials from 3M for both the vinyl and the overlaminate.

Are you interested in updating your fleet graphics? Or perhaps your marketing department is looking to expand their avenues for advertising and branding? Why not take advantage of an asset you already have in your fleet? Give us a call today at 714-5274-5424  – we’d be happy to walk you through the details of our fleet graphics management program.

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