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Our Work

Toyota Prius Vehicle Wrap | Manhattan Beach, CA

The vehicle wrap experts at Iconography are proud to have designed, produced and installed this positively pink Prius vehicle wrap for the Manhattan Beach Creamery, located in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Custom vehicle wraps have become one of the hottest trends in the vehicle aftermarket and accessory industries. Companies use vehicle wraps as a way to expand their brand awareness and at the same time stand out from their competition.

A properly designed vehicle wrap will focus on brand and image, and follow our basic rule of thumb: keep it simple! An experienced and skilled design team will avoid these common pitfalls:

1. Too much text: vehicle wraps with too much text, small wording and improperly placed information is not the best use of your precious advertising dollars. Keep it simple. Company name, logo, tag line and web address are the maximum amount of text that we recommend for any vehicle wrap. Save the details and the long list of your excellent services for your website.

2. Clashing colors: colors on your car wrap need to be complementary, bold and again, simple. Too many colors or colors that don’t work well together will prevent your audience from fully absorbing your message.

3. Overly complex design: an overly complicated vehicle wrap design can be distracting from your message. We’ve all had that experience where we remember an advertisement because it was shockingly bold in color or design, but we just can’t seem to remember WHAT was being advertised.

Fortunately, the expert design team at Iconography are here to help you create a compelling vehicle wrap design that properly promotes your business. Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 to learn more!

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