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Our Work

Turning Trash Into Art – Literally! – Los Angeles, CA

Our good friends over at ESPN are some of our favorite customers, as they bring us these unique projects that are a lot of fun!

Every year we wrap their golf carts for the Espys as well as produce many different signs for their events.  When they presented us with an idea to wrap these recycling bins with creative graphics, we said ABSOLUTELY!  We love to wrap odd objects that you don’t see wrapped everyday, and turning a regular ordinary trash can into something awesome was a priority for us. Sure, the purpose of the trash bin may not be glamorous, but that doesn’t mean the bin itself can’t be!

The first step to getting this done was to measure the units.  Our experienced team measured each 3 compartment trash can to ensure that the wraps were going to fit properly.  The key to any good wrap company is measuring.  If you get one wrong measurement the entire wrap could end up looking all wrong when it is installed.

Do you have a trash cans or recycling bins in your office or home that you would like to turn into art?  Do you have a unique project that you are interested in?  Would you like to learn more about the wrap process?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call and get started on your project today!  562-424-4353

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