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Our Work

Vehicle Graphics Plumbing Company Transit, Downey, CA

Plumbing companies in the greater Los Angeles area are some of our best customers when it comes to vehicle graphics and car wraps.

This is because they typically see an immediate return on their investment the first time they park their newly wrapped cargo van at a job site. Think about it – when you see an unmarked white van parked for hours in front of your neighbors house, you aren’t sure what could be going on. But when you see a gorgeous van with bold graphics that scream out “my neighbor is having his plumbing problems solved,”  you are probably more likely to ask your neighbor for a referral  to take care of your own leaky issues than to call and report a suspicious van.

In fact, several of our plumbing customers first came to us with one van to wrap, and when the phone calls started rolling in, they quickly came back and asked us to wrap their entire fleet! Some customers even use a different phone number on their van graphics so that they can track the leads generated by their vans.

Since you are already paying for the van, the gas, insurance and maintenance, why not add that van to your sales force with a custom vehicle wrap from Iconography! We can help guide you through the entire process from design through installation. Our art department can create original, custom designs for you from scratch, or we can work with your art department, ad agency, graphic designer or other party to ensure your company’s style guide and branding is appropriately translated into the proper templates for printing your vehicle wrap.

Interested in adding your vehicle fleet to your sales and marketing team? Give us a call today at 562-424-4353!



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