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Vehicle Wraps: Partial Wrap or Full Wrap?

Can you tell the difference between a partial wrap and a full wrap on a vehicle that basically achieves the same look? 

These Nissan Murano’s were wrapped for the Asics fleet with graphics to resemble the same pattern you are likely familiar with on their running shoes. Some of the vehicles have a factory blue paint base with the stripes and graphics applied over the blue paint. These are the partial wraps. The other vehicles were originally white, and are covered in a full wrap that includes the blue background and the white graphics and stripes. Can you tell from the pictures below which are full wraps and which are the partial wraps?

Full vehicle wraps are exactly what they sound like – a custom vinyl graphic that is applied to all painted surfaces of the vehicle. Typically, this includes the hood, sides and rear of the vehicle. Sometimes the roof is included, although we recommend against it unless the roof graphics are integral to the overall design of the wrap. The reason is that the roof is going to take the brunt of the wear and tear of the wrap from sun exposure.

A partial wrap is also exactly what it sounds like – a custom vinyl graphic that is only applied to part of the vehicle. A partial wrap integrates the base color of the vehicle into the overall design of the wrap. Partial wraps are an economical option as they save on material and installation costs.

A combination of partial wraps and full wraps were used on this fleet of vehicles for Asics. A few of the vehicles were available from the dealer in the blue color that the company preferred. For these, we were able to simply apply the while graphics to the blue vehicles. However, several of the vehicles came in other colors. No problem. We replicated the blue base and printed to include the white graphics. Because installing stripes on the hood and rear of a vehicle can be tricky, these graphics were done as overlays and applied after the wrap was completed.

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