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Vinyl Graphics and Wrap for Utility Truck, Westminster, CA

Graphics on your utility truck don’t need to be limited to simple cut vinyl decals or even a partial wrap. This stunning graphic wrap for a utility truck for Live Wire, located in Westminster, CA in Orange County,  is a full wrap, meaning the vinyl graphics fully cover the painted surfaces of the cab and the bed of the truck.

A full graphic vehicle wrap can be designed and applied to any vehicle, from utility trucks to personal sports cars, to boats, airplanes and even hovercraft! Regardless of the type of vehicle, the process for wrapping your vehicle is the same:

1. DESIGN – all great vehicle graphic wraps start with a great design. A great design has two components. The first is the conceptual design – making sure that the design is going to look great because of the elements it combines, such as the correct combination of complementary colors, photos, logos, text and other graphic elements. Once a conceptual design is created, it then needs to be build into a workable file that will be used to produce the graphics on large format digital prints that will then correctly fit on the vehicle. This is probably the most challenging part of the job – fitting a 2-dimensional concept onto a 3-dimensional object. We strongly recommend working with a designer who has experience building vehicle wrap layout files. At Iconography, our design team can manage the entire design process for you, whether you need us to create your graphics, or if you will be creating the design in-house. If you create your own design, we are happy to walk you through the tricks and tips for effective vehicle wrap layouts.

2. PRODUCTION – once the design has been completed and the print files have been built, your project is ready to move to production. This step involves printing your graphics on one of our large format digital printers, and then laminating the prints with a UV laminate film that will protect your prints against minor scratches that could otherwise occur during the installation phase. The UV laminate will also protect your prints from premature fading due to the sun and elements. Once your material has been laminated, it is left to rest or off-gas. This off-gassing is critical to prevent lifting or bubbling of your wrap after installation. Your material will also be trimmed to fit as necessary.

3. INSTALLATION – once your vehicle wrap material has been printed, laminated and trimmed, it is ready for installation on your vehicle. It is important that your vehicle is clean and free of any prior decal residue, sap, road tar or other items so that your wrap material can be properly installed. Minor dents, dings and scratches should at least be buffed or sanded out so that the vehicle surface is smooth. There is no need to repaint such areas, but a good primer is recommended, as the adhesive on the back of the vinyl is made to adhere to paints and primers.

Are you interested in a full graphic vehicle wrap for your utility truck or other car in Westminster, the greater Los Angeles area or nationwide? We can help. Give the experts at Iconography a call today at 562-424-4353!


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