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Our Work

Vinyl Racing Stripes for Dodge Challenger, Los Angeles CA

Custom racing stripes are easy to add to your vehicle when you work with the vehicle wrap experts at Iconography and have your stripes installed by certified installers.

Racing stripes can be applied to your vehicle in just about any color. We strongly recommend choosing a cast vinyl in a stock color from one of our preferred manufacturers, Oracal, 3M or Avery. All three companies make excellent cast vinyls that are solid color all the way through. There are literally hundreds of colors to chose from, and several finishes including matte, gloss, metallics, brushed and carbon fibre materials. The best way to chose a color is to visit our facility and look at samples outside in the daylight so that you can see exactly how they are going to look. If you don’t find the exact color you are looking for in one of the sample books of vinyls from these manufacturers, then we can also print custom colors onto vehicle grade vinyl.

Installation of racing stripes takes patience and skill. We strongly suggest purchasing your vehicle stripe material from a certified installer and having it professionally installed. We often have people come to us to have cheap vinyl that they purchased online and attempted to install themselves removed so that we can then properly install the stripes. Don’t let this happen to you! Be aware – 3M makes lots and lots of types of vinyls. Some of these vinyls are appropriate for vehicles and some are not. You can purchase very cheap sign vinyl from 3M online, but even our installers would have a difficult time installing that material on a car. Conformable vehicle grade vinyl is a must if you plan to have racing stripes successfully installed on your car.

Interested in dressing up your ride with some racing stripes? Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 to learn more!

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