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Window Graphics Dress Up Nissan Trucks for Yokohama | Fullerton, CA

Window graphics are an excellent way to brand your company vehicles, such as these vehicle graphics applied to a Nissan NV and Nissan Titan for Yokohama Tire Corporation, located in Fullerton, CA.

There are basically two different ways to create and apply graphics to the windows on vehicles. Both ways offer specific yet different benefits: 

1. The first and probably most common way to put vehicle graphics on car windows is to use cut-out vinyl lettering in the shape of the letters and possibly logo or other text that you want to use. The benefit to using cut vinyl window decals is that the material used is a very high performance vinyl that will withstand the sun, rain and washing for several years. The limitations of these cut-out decals is that they are opaque, and therefore can present an obstruction of the driver’s view, depending on size and placement. Also, the material used for these cut vinyl graphics comes in standard, manufactured colors. While this material is excellent for durability and longevity, it does limit the color choices.

2. The other option is to use digitally printed graphics on your car or truck windows. The benefits of digital print is that you have many other options for colors and design. Gradients and photographs can also be incorporated. Digital printed graphics can also be done on a perforated window film, which allows the driver to see out of the vehicle, while still providing excellent coverage for the graphics. he perforated window film is laminated with a UV laminate to protect the prints against fading and sun damage. Even so, this perforated film simply doesn’t last as long as the cut vinyl.

Whatever your preference is, Iconography Studios can provide all aspects of your vehicle window graphics project, from design through production and installation. Give us a call today at 562-424-4353 to get started!

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