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Our Work

Yonex Nissan NV Wrap is a Grand Slam!

The vehicle wrap experts at Iconography are proud to have designed and installed this stunning vehicle wrap on the new Nissan NV for Yonex, maker of tennis, badminton and golf equipment.

The new Nissan NV is the latest in commercial van technology, with  interior cargo space that can be fully customized. Add a custom designed vehicle wrap to the exterior, and you have a utility vehicle that doubles as your very own mobile billboard.

Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming a must-have for any company, large or small, that is serious about optimizing their advertising expenditures. One of the most important elements of a successful vehicle wrap is the design. While your wrap will be viewed by thousands of people per day, most will only have a few seconds to take it all in. Simple and bold are the general rule of thumb that our designers live by when designing effective vehicle wraps.

Experienced vehicle wrap designers like the team at Iconography will avoid these common pitfalls when designing an effective vehicle wrap:

1. Avoid too much text. Most people will only have a short about of time to read what is on your wrap, so make it large, bold, and use as few words as possible. We recommend limiting text to brand name, tag line, phone and web address. Save the detail for your website.

2. Graphics not consistent with company brand. The primary objective of your wrap should be brand recognition and recall. To this end, you will want to be sure that the graphics used on your wrap are a reflection of your company’s existing identity graphics. Logos and colors should be consistent from business card to website to wrap. A wide variety of imagery only confuses the customer and muddles your brand.

3. Do not rely on templates. There are templates available for designers to use for almost all recent vehicles on the road. We have found over years of experience that these templates are about 90% accurate. For this reason, we measure every vehicle the first time we wrap it, and customize our templates to fit perfectly. You don’t want to lose a major part of your logo or phone number due to an inaccurate template.

Interested in a custom designed vehicle wrap by Iconography? Give the experts a call today at 562-424-4353!

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